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Hi Jeans!
Get your own Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky toys and get oooooffff.
Same ones featured behind our Main Mommy on the podcast!
Join the cool guy club with these Your Moms House Podcast figures.
Try it out.
Just as fun as Uncle Terry’s toys without needing a partner!
Great gift for your ride or die partner or just to display in studio Jeans.

3D printed in PLA plastic in different colors. Vinyl wrist bands and socks.
About 8” tall. Includes 2 figures, base, and YMH letters. Figures and letters push into the base to stand and display.

Check out these comedians live on tour. Bring the base to get it signed!
Watch Your Moms House podcast, 2 bears 1 cave, Dr Drew After Dark, and Where My Mommies Podcasts on YouTube.

Keep em high n tight.
Ta-ta there tik tok.

YMH Figures

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